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Sandpoint's Local Subaru Specialists



Brands We Trust

brake parts, calipers, pads and rotors.
Drive belts, fan belts, alternator belts, serpentine belts.
shocks and struts
Full synthetic motor oil, engine oil.
Oxygen sensors, spark plugs, coils, ignition coils.
Ball joints, tie rod ends, sway bar bushngs, sway bar links.
control arms, suspension components.
Wheel bearings, axle bearings.
OEM original equipment manufacturer components. Alternators.
bearings, wheel seals, axle seals.
Japan, original equipment supplier.
Six Star Automotive offers a limited four year, forty eight thousand mile warranty to our customers.

Brands We Trust

factory parts. manufacturer
factory parts


Preventive maintenance is by far the most important aspect of automotive care, and is crucial to protect your investment. The additives in fluids, including corrosion inhibitors, PH buffers, anti-foaming agents, viscosity stabilizers, and so on, break down during use and heat cycling. Age also affects the attributes of these additives and causes them to lose their effectiveness.

We don't want to replace your engine, transmission, or differentials any more than you do. We are here to help keep you from replacing these expensive components by changing their fluids regularly. 

Car Mechanic

For an accurate reading, check the oil dipstick while the car is turned off and parked on a level surface. If the oil on the dipstick is dark, it is already past the time to change it, this means the oil is breaking down or has become saturated with carbon.


It will soon no longer be cleaning, but depositing that carbon throughout the engine. Changing your oil more frequently can save you a large amount of money in the long run.



Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn about us. Thank you for considering trusting us to resolve your car care needs. Our friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staff are happy to answer your questions about the services that we provide, and help you resolve your automotive troubles.


We are dedicated to providing honest, dependable automotive repair by ASE certified technicians. Our highly trained technicians take pride in providing first class auto repair. You can rest assured, knowing that you have found a place and people whom you can trust with your vehicle. The Six Star Automotive Team would be pleased to meet your automotive service & repair needs. We look forward to serving you!



Owner | ASE Master Technician

Steve Corridori

Steve has been a natural tinkerer since his youth, always curious about the inner workings of mechanical devices and cars. Steve was born and raised in Sacramento, California but don’t hold that against him, he is a red blooded American at heart. After serving in the Army from 2003 to 2011 and one deployment to Afghanistan, he met his beautiful wife Danielle in Washington. They moved to Sandpoint in 2013 to find a better place to raise their two girls. His main goal at Six Star is to use his abilities and knowledge to help people in need and keep their cars running like they should. In 2022, he took the opportunity to purchase Six Star and looks forward to taking this business to the next level by providing the best environment for those who work with him and those he can serve. Steves hobbies include fine wookworking, hiking with his family, and ballroom dancing.


Service Manager

Brandon Graybeal

Brandon grew up In McMinnville, Oregon as the oldest of four boys. He has had a lifelong passion for racing and anything on wheels. From an early age he gravitated towards the mechanical field, starting off in a small-town motorcycle shop; it was there that he met his beautiful wife Mandy. In the years that followed he briefly left the automotive industry to pursue other sales, only to be pulled back in by his passion for it. After a skiing trip in North Idaho he and his wife fell in love with the area and Brandon came to join the Six Star Team as a service advisor in 2017, he is now a beloved member of the community and our team, we are so glad to have him. Brandon enjoys riding the local bike trails and watching Rom-coms with his family.


Service Advisor

Chris Cook

Chris has been in the automotive industry his whole life. He has owned shops in California and Idaho including Six Star in the past. He brings a spirit and flame to the shop that is a light to the whole team. He is married to a very special woman that has changed his life for the better. His sons live in Sandpoint and have given him 2 grand babies that bring him emense joy. Chris is an avid mountain bike enthusiest who enjoys bubble baths and smooth jazz.


Honda Master Technician

Sam Peck

Sam also hails from the Coast of Oregon. He was raised in Oregon City where he built racecars with his father from age five. His career took off in 2007 when he started working for a local Honda dealership and became Master Certified in 2012. Sam also has passion for his craft, enjoying making broken things new and helping people in need. Sam is married with two children and an active member in his church. He also enjoys hiking, camping, spending time with his family and dinners by candlelight.


ASE Master Technician

Dan Camara

Dan brings a great deal of talent and experience to the Six Star team. He found a passion for automotive work immediately out of high school which has fueled his career. His personality, energy, and expertise are a valued addition to the team. When he is not in the shop, he enjoys fishing and hunting with his beloved Labrador "Roman" or contriving some manner of gourmet cuisine to share with his loved ones and co-workers. He is an authority on the intricacies of fine coffee brewing, and enjoys long walks on the beach.


Chris Witzel

ASE & Ford Master Technician

Chris was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. He started tinkering with trucks in High School and went right into an automotive career with Ford in 2003. In 2007 he obtained his Ford Master Certification. He is also ASE Master Certified. Chris taught Automotive and Diesel classes at Wyotech for several years and enjoyed teaching the next generation of automotive technicians. He moved his two children to North Idaho in 2019 to seek better outdoor recreation and a safer environment for his kids to grow up in. He enjoys hunting, boating, cuddling, snowboarding at Schweitzer, working on his WWII Jeep and flying at the Sandpoint Airport.


GS Technician

Matthew Norton

Matthew is our apprentice level technician. Six Star is dedicated to training the next generation of highly skilled technicians. Matthew is a fast learner and has shown much promise in his time with Six Star. We look forward to seeing him grow in his ability and passion for serving our community. We have found Matthew to be a connoisseur of all things related to pizza, and hair styling. He enjoys figure skating and exotic cheeses.


Danielle Corridori


Danielle was raised in Olympia Washington. She moved to California with Steve in 2008 where they started their family. They decided to leave California in 2013 find a better place to raise their new family and ended up in Idaho. Although she did not have an automotive or mechanical background, she is growing into her position extraordinarily well. She spends her free time sewing amazing quilts, floating the river with her girls and antiquing.


Greeter/Customer Relations


Missy joined the crew in Dec 2021. She went through exhaustive training in customer relations and networking techniques and graduated Magna K-9 Loud. Her duties include announcing customer arrivals, begging for attention, and customer comfort verification (aka snuggling). You will often find her in your lap or in aggressive negotiations with her chew toys. The shop wouldn't be the same without her.

Best of Bonner County 2021
Best of Bonner County 2023
Audi and VW
Automotive training institute
northwest auto care alliance
Our team is ASE Certified


To provide the greater Sandpoint community with personal, reliable, and trusted automotive repair, diagnostic, and maintenance services in order to preserve safe and worry-free transportation to our customers and their families, using the highest quality talent and parts available.

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